So tired of the heavy…

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Things have been heavy around here lately. The whole thing of having to have money coming in, in order to spend it on ordinary things like rent and food, has me well and truly squashed under its weight. I’ve been applying for jobs for the last five months and so far, I’ve only had one interview. […]

Fakebook on weekends

I really should know better than to look at Fakebook on weekends. All those photos of families out and about, enjoying themselves with their kids, when I’m only just contemplating getting out of bed, or feeling accomplished that I’ve made breakfast and it’s still before noon. I feel like such a loser when I see […]

Not a nice mummy


I haven’t been very nice to my kids lately. There’s been few cuddles and conversations and when I listen, it’s only just barely making it in. I figure a sane mummy is much more important right now than a nice mummy. I carry out my mummy duties as required and the rest of the time […]

End of the tether

I am under extreme levels of stress and am thinking suicidal thoughts constantly. I have a plan. In fact, I have two plans. I talked to my psychologist today and now I have a plan for the likelihood that I get close to carrying out my plan. I only told him about one plan. The […]