Sick with worry


When I’m told that my son will be back from his Scout hike sometime mid-afternoon, I need to know exactly what time. Not knowing for sure, I start expecting him back from 1 pm onwards and the later it gets, the more anxious I become. It’s only when he’s safely back in my car on […]

In search of comfort


It is a well known fact that as soon as a blogger says that they’ve lost their blogging mojo (“blojo” for short), blogging will resume nearly immediately. First, I found my divorcaversary post in drafts and then, as I was sitting in a fetal position in a kitchen corner, my head in my hands, after […]

Five years

I am who I am

This post was meant to be published on 4th of April.  I started writing it way back in March, knowing I had plenty of time to finish it off during the school holidays. It was even scheduled to publish then, but luckily, it didn’t, because I hadn’t finished it until today. WordPress fail, my win. So, […]

Losing that bloggy feeling

Blog Questions and Answers

To be perfectly honest, I’ve lost that bloggy feeling. I don’t know what difference I’m making in the world with this space. Or indeed in my own world. I feel like everything has already been written, mostly by others who do it far better than me. My writing is not upbeat enough, clever enough, challenging […]