Have I told you about my dead baby?


I had an abortion when I was 23. Not many people know about it. It’s not that I hide it, but it’s not exactly the kind of thing that comes up in casual conversation. I was in the throes of grief and depression after my love told me he didn’t want to marry me and […]

Would you like a “do over”?


Do you sometimes wish you could “do over” a part of your life? A particular day, a moment, or even a whole period? Some days, I wish I could do over the last 25 years. Some days, I wish I would wake up and realise that the last 25 years had been a very bad […]

The birthday post

2014-07-31 12.32.50

You know how when you’re a child, you spend the entire year looking forward to your birthday? And as it gets closer and closer, you get more and more excited, to the point that you spend the night before your birthday, awake and aquiver with anticipation? I woke up this morning, like on any other […]

Letting go

So some stuff happened the other day that pushed all my buttons and woke up the raging dragon of hate and anger that sleeps coiled within my heart. And I realised just how much energy this dragon was draining, even when sleeping. I have become used to looking away from it, pushing it back down […]

Moments of utter perfection

Fire in the backyard

You know the ones. Your heart is full. Your soul is content. Everything is just right. You check your roast dinner in the oven and it smells and looks delicious. Your children are quietly occupying themselves – one is making apple turnovers in the kitchen, the other one is building Lego. Your clothes smell of […]