Why don’t they leave?


When this question was asked at the recent bloggers’ forum  on domestic violence, the consensus from the panel was that it basically summed up our society’s attitude to those caught up in the domestic violence cycle. “Why doesn’t she JUST leave?” Because there is nothing JUST about it. Low self-esteem is common among abused women and I suspect […]

Rosie Batty says systemic abuse is killing women every week


On 26th of February, I was invited to take part in a blogger forum on domestic violence. Rosie Batty (Australian of the Year), Detective Superintendent, Rod Jouning ( Head of Sexual and Family Violence Unit, Victoria Police) and Sandra Jacobs (the Nappy Collective) were on the panel. Gian Rooney expertly MCd the evening and Richenda Vermuelen (ntegrity) […]

Parenting with mental illness

parenting with mental illness

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday afternoon, about parenting with mental illness: Embedded post will show on publish Then I waited for the barrage of comments telling me that mental illness is not something we “indulge” in, that it’s something we live with and don’t have any choice about. And yes, it’s true. We don’t […]

When I’m at my worst

At my worst

When I’m at my worst I believe that nobody cares about me. I believe that I don’t matter. I believe that the world would be better off without me. I hear myself repeating these words over and over again and it feels like some kind of mini-psychotic episode. My head is full of self-loathing and […]