Discovering my super power


I’ve been watching myself over the last week, as if from a distance, a little way removed. As if one person was doing all the doing and the feeling and the other was just sitting there wondering, “What the fuck??” In fact, this was going to be a different kind of post. It was going to […]

No more vanilla, or how to be a better you

The thing about having opinions is that, unless you explain them really well, they can often appear contradictory. Yes, on the one I complain about lazy question askers and vanilla bloggers, and on the other I want to empower women to be who they were meant to be. These may seem contradictory, but they’re not. […]

Is personal blogging valuable?

Vintage abstract green background with flower

It’s important to remember that if you’re going to have a rant on your blog and then share that post with a FB group full of your intended audience, you are going to have crap thrown at you. If you give people shit, be prepared to take it. There was lots of bitchiness and personal mocking […]

An open letter to rude and lazy new bloggers

Dear newbie blogger, Back in the olden days, when nobody had heard about blogging, 10-20 years ago, people still did it. They opened a TypePad, LiveJournal or Blogger account and they just did it. They fumbled around, learnt as they went and just wrote. Because they had stuff they needed to get out of their […]

Pink cake for Father’s Day

pink cake

Yesterday was Father’s Day. Or, as we like to call it in our house, Parent’s Day. The small child woke me up around 8 to get me to take restrictions off his iPod and then I slept ’till 10. I finally got up around 11, ridden with guilt about hungry children and made pancakes. Sadly, […]