Fill me up

Fill me up

What can you give me, when I want so much? I want the Earth, the moon and the stars. I want it all. I want to feel full. Full to the brim. Full to over flowing. I want the golden shimmer to flow over the rim of my bursting heart. I wonder what that feels […]

I am living

I am living

Five years of sole parenting. Five years of being alone. Six years since the cracks showed. Six years since I thought of leaving. Nearly six years since he left. At one time I didn’t think I could survive a minute, an hour, a day, alone. But I have. And I am. I am living. I […]


Infinity Time Spiral

Every day. I open my eyes. It’s the same. A moment. Of peace. Of innocence. Then, dread. Again. A day. The same. I’m already tired. I’m already scared. Nothing changes. I drag my feet. Never enough. Of me. For me. For them. I want to cry. I don’t. There’s nowhere to go. Just here. The […]

The promised land

Ford Falcon

It was 29th November 1981. I was 13 and 4 months old. My dad had just picked me and my mum up from the airport, after our marathon series of flights from Poland. I remember the car, an old Ford Falcon, sky blue, somewhat like this one. I remember how warm it was, especially after […]

Wobbly Times


So I’ve had a few wobbly days in the last week or so. The reasons, or the details, are not important, the fact that I’ve come out fighting, ready for anything is. None of us like change, none of us likes the unknown and I am no different. Finding my equilibrium has been all about […]